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Designing Solar Projects

We design the solar power plants as per our clients requirement and budgets. We educate the client what all they need and how much plant is required to cut down their monthly electricity bills.


CAD Drawings

Veena Enterprises team is efficiently working on CAD drawings. We work with renounced architect firms and project management companies where we design the solar panels in the roof/ terrace layout provided by them. Hence no worry of site survey


Solar Consultancy

We at Veena Enterprises are giving solar consultancy to architects, for Govt Projects, construction companies and many more.

govt approvals

Solar Govt Approvals

Veena Enterprises gets the solar power plant approved by the State Govt across India


Solar Imports

WE help client understand the concept of Solar Import. Meaning how you use solar connect with Grid system


Solar Exports

WE help client understand the concept of solar Export, meaning now give the power generated extra to grid and save more on your electricity bills

solar installers

Solar Installation

Our team of solar engineers are trained by Tata Power Solar and Govt bodies like KVIC, NSIC, MSME for solar installation.


Solar Procurement

As Veena Enterprises are affiliated to almost all solar brands like Panasonic Solar, Tata Power Solar, UTL solar and many more we procure directly from manufacturers

solar engineerng

Solar Engineering

Our Solar Engineers are team of professionally equipped and certified to handle and install high power electricity equipment in HT and LT line


Shadow Analysis

For areas that have shadow on the solar panels, we give our clients the generation report for solar units drawn after shadow analysis


Solar Reports

Veena Enterprises always work with facts and figure. We submit the generation reports of the plant to the client


Return on investment Analysis

Solar is a huge investment, hence investor are always looking at the rate of return. We at Veena Enterprises give our clients and investor good return and show them the analysis drawn based on facts and figures


Floating Solar System Installation:

Today all of us are facing land issues hance we now install solar on water bodies like rivers etc .

Pasted Solar Panels Installations:

As designers are looking at using innovative roofs we at Veena Enterprises have successfully installed/ pasted solar on curvy roofs to utilise all available area for solar installations.


BIPV Solar Panel Installations:

As designers are looking using innovative techniques to install solar we at Veena Enterprises have successfully installed solar on facades to utilise all available area for solar installations.


Electrical Consultancy

We understand that factories have both HT/LT loads hence our engineers give solar electrical consultancy to the client team so that installation and wire routes are decided that can be easily maintained in future


HT/LT Work

We have team to successfully handle the LT and HT work for the solar installation and terminations


Wind Turbines Consultancy

We have team of engineers devoted to wind turbine installation and consultancy to the client.


Bio Energy

Bioenergy refers to electricity and gas that is generated from organic matter, known as biomass. With the growing need for all thing Renewable we at Veena Enterprises are now installing Bio mass plants