About Us


Veena Enterprises Specializes in designing Solar energy systems and supplying renewable energy products such as

  • Solar Photovoltaic modules
  • Solar Thermal (Flat plate & Evacuated Tube Collector)
  • Grid-connected Solar power plants
  • Stand-alone power stations
  • Solar water geyser systems
  • Solar lighting systems.

Veena Enterprises is involved in providing consultancy, design, engineering, and procurement and construction services for renewable energy projects in India.

Our ability to manage operations in diverse industries and economies, coupled with our track record in mobilizing financial and human resources makes us the preferred contractor for critical projects.

Why us (Veena Enterprises)

  • Innovation: India's first Solar Panel pasted on Curvy surface
  • Certified by NSIC, MSME, KVIC
  • Associated with Renouned Brands - Tata Power Solar & Panasonic Solar
  • Latest Technology: Installation without roof damage
  • Designing assistance in CAD software
  • On Time Delivery
  • After Sales Service
  • Cost Effective
  • 15+ Years of Experience
  • 500 + Projects delivered
  • 5 MW + Projects Completed
  • Trained engineers by KVIC Solar program
  • Complete Assistance in Government Procurement Procedures
  • Quality Products: SS304 Nuts and bolts
  • Trained Staff by Tata and Panasonic teams
  • Innovation in technology and installation techniques
  • DG Sync of Solar plants
  • Solar Displays
  • Solar on water (floating Solar systems)
  • HT Electrical work certification
  • Company is a part of indian Import Chamber of Commerce
  • Custom design to suit difficult site conditions
  • Parallel execution across multiple locations

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